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Sunday Tweet: If I’m not in Central Park, I must be in Bruges!

  Tweet of the Day: If I’m not in Central Park, I must be in Bruges! ——- Writers will forever live in envy of those who can create or capture an image on paper or screen. A lot of writers are also graphic writers, but when it comes to converting the pictures in our minds […]

Sunday Tweet: Carpetbaggery or Manning the Ghetto’s Barricades

Tweet of the Day: Carpetbaggery ——– The Sunday Tweet was brought to you by Michal of the excellent blog One Last Sketch. Often readers/writers of speculative fiction, as well as creators and fans of other genres/formats such as animation, find themselves confined to sectors of the media which are walled off be it by scholastic […]

Space for Rent: Social Media Backlash

Tweet of the Day: Nebula Awards and Marginalized Writers ——- From time to time I come across dire warnings to writers about social media and how what they write or share in blogs, tweeter, facebook and other social networks can ruin their chances of getting published. Yet, except for some extreme cases of racism, bigotry […]

Sunday Tweet: Sex, Imperialism and Romance for and by Women

  The Sunday Tweet: NAinUF: Characters II – Supporting Roles Today’s tweet comes from Poleth’s Quill, who raises several interesting points on Native American characters in Urban Fantasy, specifically UF with the romance suffix added. To quote: Books closer to the urban fantasy/horror end often have white love interests, but some of the more paranormal […]

Sunday Tweet: The Art of the Subplot 1 & 2

Tweets of the Day: The Art of the Subplot The Art of the Subplot, part 2 ——– Today we have a double Sunday Tweet, or its a very long tweet split in the middle. Make of it what you will. And it is all about subplots. Enter the definition of: sub·plot [suhb-plot] Show IPA noun […]

Sunday Tweet: Character Trait-Loyalty

Tweet of the Day: Character Trait Entry: Loyal ——– Loyalty is a binary character trait. It is composed of the Object to whom loyalty is conferred and the Subject who confers said loyalty. The question that arises is when looking at these two parts is what inspires the connection between them. This appears in two […]

Weekend Roundup: August 28-September 3

Tweet of the Day: Shields in Fantasy ——– This week post fell a bit short on account of the fact that I skipped over the Sunday Tweet. I could say that I didn’t find a suitable tweet, but the truth was that I was immersed in Dragon Age: Origins and did not come up for […]