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Weekend Roundup: January 11-17

  Tweet of Day: What to expect when you’re linkspamming (16 january 2015) ——- What a miserable little week this was. A lot of running around that accomplished virtually nothing. Except edge me closer to a nasty medical diagnosis (not mine, but a close family member). We need to see the results of further testing […]

Weekend Roundup: September 15 – 21

  Tweet of the Day: The Kitten Keyboard Fetish ——— In spite of the paucity of blogging of late, I managed to reach an important milestone: 1,000 posts. I did screw up the, somehow the TV Tropes post, but now it is in its right place. So let’s see what this week brought us: Mon: […]

Lessons from the Aether: Sanderson and Worldbuilding a Plot

  Tweet of the Day:  Forging a Universe: Worldbuilding Physics ——- Brandon Sanderson is a master of weaving deep, well thought out worldbuilding into intricate fantasy plots.  While other writers struggle with the question of how much background information to put in their stories, Sanderson makes figuring out how the world works part of the […]

Mass Effect: The Happy Ending Mod

Tweet of the Day: Revenants: Stories of the Shunned ——- Good news everybody! Somebody decided to apply a liberal amount of Occam’s Razor to the Mass Effect ending and come up with this: This is far from perfect and in no way goes as far as my own ending (settle down Ego, settle down!), but […]

Weekend Roundup: September 25 – October 1

Tweet of the Day: Dexter in the Middle – Dexter Morgan, Part 2 ——– A week of ending and beginnings, but you could say that about any week of the year or for that matter any point in time. But for this blog it means  the end of one serial and the start of another. […]

Weekend Roundup: August 21-27

  Tweet of the Day: If The Sloth Fits ——– A week long on frustration and short on post. As you know, Irene swept through the Caribbean earlier this week and now it is barreling down on the American East Coast. For us in my neck of the woods it meant some wind, but over […]

Sunday Tweet: Shy Writer

Tweet of the Day: Shy Writer ——– We creative types think we cane create across the board, from music to writing and everything in between. I for one can’t sing worth a damn (and my voice is considered a capital offense in some countries and capital punishment in others, can’t tell which is which). Same […]

Sunday Tweet: The Good, the Bad and the Timeskip + A Blog Chain

Tweet of the Day: The Good, the Bad, and the Timeskip ——– Another Atsiko entry. This one deals with managing time within your work by using a time skip.  So go over there and read it while I come up with some So  Bad It’s Horrible lines for this month’s AW Blog Chain. Go on, […]

Sunday Tweet: Horror Novel Soundtrack

Tweet of the Day: Horror Novel Soundtrack ——- Music. Long time readers of this blog know that I find endless inspiration in music, although I can’t sing worth a damn. And if you follow the link above you will find that I am not the only one. Tasha loves all things 19th century and her […]

TV Tropes Monday: Kid Hero

Tweet of the Day:  Drabble Day – Wind ——– The Kid Hero is, as the name implies, a child. The exact age varies up and down the scale, from 8 to 17, but they’re never an adult by whatever the local standards are. The “base age” seems to be 14 or thereabouts, though their numeric […]