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Tropes Monday: Tropes Vs. Women Comes to an End

  Tweet of the Day:  The Mismeasure of Media  Tropes vs. Women, a web series helmed by Anita Sarkeesian has come to an end. Long time readers know that I was and still am a fan of the series due to its concise, critical analysis of tropes in the medium of video games from a […]

Space for Rent: Women as Victims and Villains

Tweet of the Day: Why We Need To Respond To Online Harassment ——— Video games might be the newest art form in our media landscape (barely thirty years old) but they tend to bring forth the oldest stereotypes of gender roles. I noticed a pattern that puts women in one of two categories: victims or […]

Weekend Roundup: May 26 – June 1

Tweet of the Day: Crossroads: “Speculative” Literary Fiction and SF/F Techniques ——– Tropes, tropes everywhere! A week full of tropes. I love tropes, I really do and it shows. So, if you noticed a pattern of sorts below, you have been warned: Sun: TV Tropes- Mass Effect/AEC From A-D Mon: TV Tropes Monday- Combat Pragmatist […]

Lessons from the Aether: Tropes vs. Instances and Aggregates

Tweet of the Day: Tropes vs. Women in Video Games Reveals an Ugly Truth ——– I’ve discussed Anita Sarkeesian’s work before, usually on my Space for Rent posts, but after seeing both the latest video in her series and reading the article  linked to above (see Tweet of the Day), I think we can extract […]

Space for Rent: Time to Set Fire to the Wagons

Tweet of the Day: What’s the Difference Between Conflict and Tension? ——– As in, it is time to stop circling the wagons and start burning the damn things. Time to stop the attacks on Anita Sarkeesian for daring to examine tropes in gaming from a feminist point of view. Or the whole fake gamer girl […]

My Father Did Not Raise a Misogynist

Tweet of the Day: A Short-Attention-Span Culture ——- Hello there, my name is Mr. Imperfect. Nice to meet you. Yes this is one of those post where I talk about a social issue, vaguely connected too (yet totally a part of) media, be it games, movies or books. The media or medium I will talk […]