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World Building Wednesday: The Passage of Time

Tweet of the Day: Is Your Character Stagnating? ——– This was going to be just one post, but after some consideration I decided to split up in multiple posts. The question is Time. Time appears on the surface to be a simple subject. Most world building starts with a timeline, a simple list of events […]

Weekend Roundup: March 11-17

Tweet of the Day: Freudian Friday: A Woman’s Right to Know ——- There was a bit of a running theme though out the week, brought to you by my massive disappointment (SPOILERS) of the ending of Mass Effect 3. Yeah, you know, the game I’ve been hyping on this blog on and off oh, I […]


I lay strapped to the operating table. A mask descends over my nose and mouth. A disembodied voice asks me to breath deeply. My conciseness slips into nothing. I am no more. Death. That’s what I am afraid of. And fear can be a powerful motivator. Just ask the MC of my first WIP. He […]