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Author’s Voice vs. Character’s Voice

  While defining an author’s overall voice can be tricky, it is a bit easier to do so with characters, if they stand on their own. But at times finding the daylight between the author and his characters can be difficult. It used to happen to me when I was younger that people would ask […]

Point of View: Multiple Points of View

I don’t like the omniscient point of view.  Too stiff, too distant and too unwieldy. I don’t feel comfortable writing that way. But what if I want to expand the POV beyond one person? How can I inject a sense of a larger world, epic in scope and meaning? What if I want a wider […]

Point of View: 3rd Person Close

  Last time we discussed the first-person point of view, and while I admit I have a certain fondness for it, more often than not I write in the third person.  Third person POV is what I would call the “cinematic” point of view. Instead of seeing things through the eyes of a character (or […]