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AW’s August 2012 Blog Chain: Fire & Ice

Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 7.32: Astronomy 101 for Writers ——– Look at the calendar, yep, another month, another Blog Chain. Drum roll please….. You can do either or both, compare and contrast, or anything else that suggests itself. Write wherever the prompt inspires you, fiction or non-fiction, prose or poetry. Do try and […]

September 2011 Blog Chain: Stakeout

Tweet of the Day:  Never Stray from the Path – Little Red Riding Hood part I ——- September 2011 Blog Chain Starting Date: Thursday September 8, 2011 Open to all forum members, even after it starts! This month’s prompt: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words You have two choices this month: Option 1: Respond to […]

Done With My First Outline

Well, guess what, this week theme is-OUTLINES! I just finished my first outline. A bare bones Plot only outline. Yep, no characters or nothing. Kind of half-assed (or arsed depending on which side of the Atlantic/Pacific you currently reside on) considering that I left out such minor details as Setting and Characters, but I’ve done […]

Does Love Equal Romance?

  That is the question I ask my devoted (if tiny) readership. In other words, does a story with love as its central theme means that it is a Romantic Novel? I ask because I had (and still have) a difficult time classifying this blog’s name sake book within a specific genre. Commercial fiction seems […]

A word for your character

Take the first five characters of your WIP and write beside the name the first word that comes to mind. “But I can’t reduce my wonderful, deep characters to a single word, I can’t, I just can’t. I refuse, I–” <SLAP!> “What was that for?” You needed to snap of out, so I slapped you. […]

Another Writing Meme: All About the Theme

I wondered over to spunitsa’s page earlier today (as I do everyday with all my fellow writer’s blogs) and I saw she posted a writing meme . This one is all about themes. So let’s see what we got: 1. Do you tend to pick books with certain themes, and if so what theme? Yes. […]