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Space for Rent: Point of Change

    Tweet of the Day: The Politics of Science Fiction ——- If you, like me, exists in the world of writers and their books, you might have heard about the #WeNeedDiverseBooks social media campaign. It is a simple campaign directed at the book industry, from authors to publishers and libraries to write, publish and […]

Space for Rent: Why Do We Crave the Evil Horde?

  War permeates most of our modern media, from news to video games. And why not, war is conflict in is most raw sense, a fight for survival that either makes or breaks a character. Yet, all too often the enemy is a faceless horde from Tolkien’s orcs to Card’s buggers to Romero’s zombies. A […]

Writing about the Other

Tweet of the Day: Privilege and How it Affects Your Characters ——– “Write what you know,” or so goes the old writing advice. But we don’t know everything and besides if we only wrote about what “we know” I suspect literature would have died a unremarkable death a long time ago. Instead we write about […]