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TV Tropes Monday: Our Graphics Will Suck in the Future

Tweet of the Day: Screaming for Vengeance Have you ever watched an old sci-fi movie, even a classic like Star Wars and thought,”Wait a minute, computers don’t look like that!” Welcome to Our Graphics Will Suck in the Future! The obvious answer is that movies like Star Wars, Blade Runner, and Alien (and its sequel) […]

Understanding Technology

Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 6.13: World Building Communications Technology ——- I tried to tackle this subject from time to time and always erased the post out of frustration. The closest I’ve  ever came to posting something on the subject was this. But after listening to the latest Writing Excuses podcast, I decided to […]

Piece by piece.

My machine is falling apart. First it was the monitor. Now it is the graphic card. I need to get one pronto because without it the machine is to darned slow. Better get through the editing process right quick before something else craps out and I lose two years worth of work.