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Necessary Heroes No.5: Assault on Sector 13

Tweet of the Week: Be Smarter Than Your Readers ——- Intro – No.4 –  No.6 ——- M-314, 4th Planet-Rylus, Aboard Orbital Defense Platform One The stale air thrummed with the sound of heavy footfalls. She held her breath until the patrol passed. Her one-use EVA suit wouldn’t stand up in a fight even if she […]

Necessary Heroes No.4: Getting the Band Back Together II

Tweet of the Day: AW October Blog Chain – “Some Things Dark & Dangerous” ——- Intro – No.3 – No.5 ——- Uptown Speed Race Track September 6, 8:49 hrs “The interface synch is off by 0.07 and I don’t like the new tires, they don’t have as much grip as the last one,” said the […]

Necessary Heroes: Issue No.2-Rooftop Conference

Tweet of the Day: Don’t Confuse Readers With Inconsistent Character Names ——- Issues: Intro– No.1 – No.3 ——- Southpoint Above the Corner of Tempest and River Run, August 19, 2025 02:00hrs. A group of cops came out of the corner store, laughing as they counted their money. An extortion racket. I heard about these jackasses […]

Necessary Heroes: Issue 1- Due to the Dead

Tweet of the Day: Dream a Little Dream – But Not in Your Fiction ——– Issues: Intro – No.2 ——– “She still dead you know. I don’t expect that will change anytime soon,” said a voice over my shoulder. I ignored it. My fingers traced the gold lettering on the crypt. Mia Knowles, 2003-2024, May […]

Necessary Heroes: The Soundtrack

Tweet of the Day: ——- Regulars readers of this blog know that I write to music. So it comes to surprise that created a soundtrack for Necessary Heroes, the upcoming serial. Necessary Heroes OST: Opening Credits: Hold Your Colour/Pendulum No Place for A Hero/Sea Bridge-Landward Side: Short Change Hero/The Heavy Fairfax Gardens/Lament: Be The One/Moby […]

Ban This! 2011: The Comic Book Code

Tweet of the Day: Pulp Fantasy: Writing for the Marginalized —— I hate when I write myself into a corner. Yeah, that’s the reason why today there is no Wizards’ World War. Stupid me! Having said that, I thought it would not be fair to leave this space empty so I decided to fill it […]

Sunday Tweet: September Flash Fiction Challenge-Powers

Tweet of the Day: September Flash Fiction Challenge-Powers ——– BIZARO! Wait, no never mind that. Oh yeah, it’s Sunday which means the Sunday Tweet. Today’s Tweet is brought to you by Haley Whitehall, Historical Fiction Writer and all around nice gal (or so they say). No, I don’t know who “they” are, so quit asking. […]

Necessary Heroes

Tweet of the Day: Before you press send, press hold! ——– Issue No.1 ——– This is a preview of my new serial which I’ll put on the Wednesday slot after the the end of Wizards’ World War current run.  Yes, WWW is reaching its season finale and like an incipient TV exec, I can’t help […]