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Sunday Tweet: If I’m not in Central Park, I must be in Bruges!

  Tweet of the Day: If I’m not in Central Park, I must be in Bruges! ——- Writers will forever live in envy of those who can create or capture an image on paper or screen. A lot of writers are also graphic writers, but when it comes to converting the pictures in our minds […]

Sunday Tweet: Carpetbaggery or Manning the Ghetto’s Barricades

Tweet of the Day: Carpetbaggery ——– The Sunday Tweet was brought to you by Michal of the excellent blog One Last Sketch. Often readers/writers of speculative fiction, as well as creators and fans of other genres/formats such as animation, find themselves confined to sectors of the media which are walled off be it by scholastic […]

Sunday Tweet: Sex, Imperialism and Romance for and by Women

  The Sunday Tweet: NAinUF: Characters II – Supporting Roles Today’s tweet comes from Poleth’s Quill, who raises several interesting points on Native American characters in Urban Fantasy, specifically UF with the romance suffix added. To quote: Books closer to the urban fantasy/horror end often have white love interests, but some of the more paranormal […]

Sunday Tweet: The Art of the Subplot 1 & 2

Tweets of the Day: The Art of the Subplot The Art of the Subplot, part 2 ——– Today we have a double Sunday Tweet, or its a very long tweet split in the middle. Make of it what you will. And it is all about subplots. Enter the definition of: sub·plot [suhb-plot] Show IPA noun […]

Sunday Tweet: Character Trait-Loyalty

Tweet of the Day: Character Trait Entry: Loyal ——– Loyalty is a binary character trait. It is composed of the Object to whom loyalty is conferred and the Subject who confers said loyalty. The question that arises is when looking at these two parts is what inspires the connection between them. This appears in two […]

Sunday Tweet: Horses and Other Animals in Fiction

Tweet of the Day: Horses in Fantasy ——- Animals, both mundane and fantastic about in fiction just as they do in real life, in spite our attempts to eradicate them or domesticate them. Yes, thank you for my ginormous check, unnamed environmental group with abundant love of all things fuzzy. Animals, and animal themes come […]

Sunday Tweet: Character Trait: Prejudiced

Tweet of the Day: Character Trait Entry: Prejudiced ——- As character traits go (and I suggest you visit the link for a great list of character traits), prejudice is a very interesting character trait, in as much as every character is prejudiced/biased in some way. Why is that? Because all human beings are prejudiced/biased. You’re […]

Sunday Tweet: September Flash Fiction Challenge-Powers

Tweet of the Day: September Flash Fiction Challenge-Powers ——– BIZARO! Wait, no never mind that. Oh yeah, it’s Sunday which means the Sunday Tweet. Today’s Tweet is brought to you by Haley Whitehall, Historical Fiction Writer and all around nice gal (or so they say). No, I don’t know who “they” are, so quit asking. […]

Sunday Tweet: Ban This! 2011

Tweet of the Day: Ban This! 2011 ——- As the last hot days of August simmer away, the cooler days of September dawn upon us. Thus it is time to confront the agents of negativity who seek to ban great works of literature (and some minor unmentionables) from bookstores and public libraries. The American Library […]

Sunday Tweet: Fan Fiction – Marketing Genius or Child Molestation?

Tweet of the Day: Fan Fiction- Marketing Genius or Child Molestation? I’ve talked about fan fiction before and I agree with the Sunday Tweets blogger. If the choice is between trying to stamp out all fan fiction based on my works (impossible, if it ever gets that far), or embracing it (with a few Words […]