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Weekend Roundup: April 27- May 2

  Tweet of the Day: What Really Happened to Arcades ——- Summer is finally here, and oh boy, did ever come with a heat way. Well, more like a wall of fire. Mind you, since I live in the tropics it is never actually cool, but going from low 80s (Fahrenheit) to a full 100 […]

Weekend Roundup: August 17-23

  Tweet of the Day: Boost Story Conflict By Exploring the Dark Side of Your Hero’s Best Qualities ——- Many moons ago I got into blogging out of frustration with politics. I needed an outlet to express my views and generally vent about it all. But along the way it consumed me in a very […]

Weekend Roundup: June 22-28

Tweet of the Day: The Ivy At The Window ——- The end of the year approaches! Wait, wait, I know that we are in the middle of summer, but it already feels like the bottom half of the year. Why? The seasonal sales are back. You know the ones that arrive earlier and earlier, usually […]

Weekend Roundup: June 8-14

Tweet of the Day: The Bard ——- What a a week: soccer, protests, and war.  I was tempted to write the last one, but I didn’t want to slide back into the world of political blogging. I did that for years before I switched to this blog. I even did a political podcast. It is […]

Weekend Roundup: May 25-31

  Tweet of the Day: Fear and Aspiration: on Gun Desire ——- Talk about an eventful week, and not all in a good way. Still I managed to bring back some of the blog oldies like Lessons from the Aether and Wizards’ World War.  I call that a win. And of course, summer is in […]

Lessons from the Aether: Explosions, Lens Flare and Lack of Substance

  Tweet of the Day: Mood Swings and Rounabouts ——- It’s May and Summer Movies Blockbusters Season (yes, I capitalized them) is upon us. Time to go to your local theater. over pay for your tickets, sit, relax and let the sub woofers liquify your ear drums while the lens flare melt your retinas. Do […]

Weekend Roundup: June 3 – 9 + Summer Writing Challenge

Tweet of the Day: Signs Your Story Has Too Many Characters ——- Ah, the week in posts. Let see what we got…wait we have FULL week of posts? Did I update Ambrosius the Warlord? Will wonders never cease? Oh, wait, you’re here to catch up…right: Mon: Mix in some Vangelis with dark Noir lighting + […]

Short Story Fridays: Severus the Rogue- The Harem

Tweet of the Day: The Flaw in JKR’s (Brilliant) Plan ——- 9 – 11 ——- She curled up in satin sheets. Where it not for the fact that I had little choice or remembrance of what happened I might have considered the late afternoon couplings enjoyable. She was, in a way that stretched the collective […]

Date Open to Change

Next entry in the series of shorts about life across the pond. Past installment can be found here. —— Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean my mother is not out to get me. She had not said a word, except for hi or hello since she I saw her coming out of Heathrow. She pounced […]

The Heat is On

It’s hot! No really, it is. That’s the thing about living in a tropical island. Mornings are not that bad. Afternoons, with high humidity and temperatures averaging in the high 90s (F) it can be downright stifling. How I used to laugh at people complaining about 8o(F) degree weather in Michigan! Fans help. So does […]