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TV Tropes Monday: Artificial Limbs

Tweet of the Day: Sci-Fi Romance Heroines and the Chivalric Code ——- Nothing says, “Welcome to the Future!” like a background character sporting a shiny new cybernetic arm, or an advert on TV about the new YT-900 series of artificial legs that allow you to run three times as fast as the best human athlete. […]

September 2013 Blog Chain: Tomorrowland

Tweet of the Day: The Island with a Past ——— Another month, another Blog Chain. This time I decided to simply talk about the subject at hand instead of writing a story because…well I really could not come up with anything at the moment.  And now for the instruction booklet: Starting Date: Wednesday, September 4, […]

TV Tropes Monday: Steampunk

Tweet of the Day: The Teutonic Order and the Baltic States ——- Steampunk trends in the opposite direction to Cyberpunk in the scale of idealism versus cynicism. It recalls a time of boundless promise where steam power stretched rails across continents and steamers reached the farthest oceans. It thrives on the aesthetics of gears, steam […]

Space for Rent: The Allure of Retro-futurism

Tweet of the Day: This Road…It Leads to Nowhere! ——- What is it about visions of future’s past that entices us so? From Cyberpunk to Clockwork-Punk, science fiction is plunging back though its own history in full revival mode. You can’t get any more postmodern than that! The aesthetics of each of these sub-genres has […]