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Mass Effect 3: Conversations DLC

  Tweet of the Day: Book Review: Let the Right One In ——- (SPOILERS OF THE MASS EFFECT SERIES) This is the last of the “bridging” stories/DLCs (Downloadable Content) ——- Normandy SR-2, Port Observation Deck, Space Dock 1, Arcturus Station Ash took another sip from her glass. A synth heavy pop song from Illumiun played […]

Mas Effect 3: Observations

Tweet of the Day: Some People Never Learn-Part Four ——– Okay, I gotta stop doing these. This is the second fan fic in a week. I’ll guess I’ll keep posting them as long as I am on my Mass Effect kick. Hope you like it. Oh and (SPOLIERS) ——– Arcturus Station, Space Dock 1, Aboard […]

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Post….(SPOILERS)

Tweet of the Day: Writing Life: On Muses and Writing ——– Yes, I saw it. (SPOILERS) The last movie. (SPOILERS) As if the big spoiler warning didn’t tip you off. (SPOILERS) Just in case: SPOILERS!!!OMGPONIES!!111!!!! Now that we got that out of the way….. Verdict: It was good. Not exceptional mind you, I think that […]