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Weekend Roundup: October 20-26

  Tweet of the Day: Halloween- Supper for the Dead ——— This week had been a tad more productive blogging wise but still most of the stuff I posted was filler for the things I really wanted to write but for some reason could not manage to get around to writing them. I did manage […]

Space for Rent: James Bonding

Tweet of the Day: Faces on the Wall ——— This is a post that blends video games with social commentary. You have been warned. Okay, here we go. Certain video game studios, like EA’s BioWare, are known for the emphasis on story in their game. As part of that emphasis they have included the chance […]

TV Tropes Monday: Ship-to-Ship Combat

Tweet of the Day: Start in the Action- The Trouble with In Media Res ——- People get really attached to fictional characters.  They really, really do. To the point that they start imagining or wishing certain characters hooked up with some other characters. But fans being fans and the internet being what it is, you […]

TV Tropes Monday: Shipper on Board

  Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses: Making Your Descriptions Do More Than One Thing ——- WARNING: This trope is made of shipping.It contains an excess of tropes. You have been warned. Shippers, those who pair one character with another, not only exist outside of the pages in your hands, gentle reader, but also inside […]

Weekend Roundup: May 22-28 with a Blog Chain

Tweet of the Day: Writing Urban Fantasy Without Vampires, Detectives or Tramp-Stamped Chicks ——- Before we go to the main event, I present to you the week in post: Sun: Some of the Dumbest and Smartest things a fellow author did on her way to publication. Mon: Royals who actually do something, brought to you […]

Just Say No to UST

And what the heck is UST? Unresolved Sexual Tension Also know by it’s PG cousin “Will They or Won’t They?” (Click on the links for a near endless yet fun list of examples, if you dare!) It should come as no surprise to my gentle readers (and the few rough ones as well) that I […]

Another Writer’s Meme

I got tagged by Amy to join another writer’s meme: What was the last thing you wrote? A couple of shorts for my Flash Fiction Friday posts. On the novel front I finished the first draft of my second novel, titled Sturm und Drang. Come August I go back to edit that monster. Was it […]