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Shadowrun: Fetishes and Foci

    Seattle, the Sprawl, the Metroplex, was a city. And cities, cities have character. Cities have history. Cities, real ones, not the hallow constructs of corporate suburbia or that drek they fed you in the trids, live and breath. The denizens make them, well, unique. The built the cities, they kept the cities, the […]

Shadowrun: And Now We Are Here….

  I jammed a finger in my ear to block out the sounds of the PCH. The long distance charges on the pay phone ate at my patience. What I heard made it worse. “Listen kid, this is just the way it is,” said the guttural voice on the other end. “But I can help,” […]

First Interview on my Channel

    A quick update to let you know that I have posted the first interview with a game developer on my gaming You Tube channel:  

Space for Rent: The Appeal of Retro-Gaming

Tweet of the Day: Star Citizen ——– So, what is the appeal of retro-gaming? The easy answer is: nostalgia. The first generation gamers are now becoming middle managers, parents, teachers and business owners. They long for the days of 2-bit computing (as in the Atari 2600), dropping quarters in the local arcade and those trippy […]