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Weekend Roundup + #GamerGate: September 7-13

Tweet of the Day: Silicon Valley’s Cult of the Male Ego —— Yet another “controversy” has exploded on the video gaming side of the internets called by a few names but mainly #GamerGate. If you haven’t seen it you have been spared the worst of humanity (on the internet, you don’t say!) but again, I […]

Weekend Roundup: June 2-8

Tweet of the Day: Devilish ——- Another week of summer, hot, sticky summer. Still angry at the monopolistic attitude from Microsoft/EA, but then again, this is Microsoft we are talking about. I’m also comforted by the idea that people are speaking out, not only against game manufactures but in other areas as well, such as […]

Space for Rent: Skin in the Game

Tweet of the Day:  This Week in SF ——- A thing happened the other day, a bad thing to be sure, no end of the world stuff, but not great. But it was followed by a great thing.  So what is this thing I am talking about? Well, it seems that some old timers decided […]