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Space for Rent: James Bonding

Tweet of the Day: Faces on the Wall ——— This is a post that blends video games with social commentary. You have been warned. Okay, here we go. Certain video game studios, like EA’s BioWare, are known for the emphasis on story in their game. As part of that emphasis they have included the chance […]

Space for Rent: Defining vs. Defined By

Tweet of the Day: Writing 7.40: Writing the Other ——— The difference between shallow and deep. Between stereotype and deep characterization. The difference is subtle but real. A defining trait is one that is inherent to the make up of the character. It can not be ignored or set aside. Be it their gender, sexual […]

World Building Wednesdays: Sex and Culture

Tweet of the Day: A Reaction to Klein’s Pyramid of Literary Quality ——– Marriage, Courtship, Reproduction, Sexual Roles, Sexual Identity, Religion, Law, Economy. All of those things are touch by or related in some way or another to sex. And I am not talking about sex as titillation for the reader (or writer) but as […]

TV Tropes Monday: Adaptational Sexuality as the New Black Face

Tweet of the Day: Strings of Retaliation – 6b – Mimosa ——- I’ve been trying to write a post about this subject for sometime, but for some reason I couldn’t come up with a coherent argument until I stumbled upon this trope.  According to the tropes page Adaptational Sexuality occurs when the sexuality of a […]