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TV Tropes Monday: Status Quo is God

  Tweet of the Day: Thought of the Day ——- This is a phenomenon in long running series, be they TV, movies or books. Nothing ever changes. Let me repeat that: NOTHING! All hail Status Quo as God! A million script ideas are sacrificed at the altar of this uncaring god, for he keeps permutation, […]

Space for Rent: Cultural Lens-Formalism

Tweet of the Day: Censorship, Yo. ——- Formalism or the New Criticism is a school of literary analysis that focuses exclusively on the text without little or no consideration for outside factors. It attempts to analyze a narrative by what lies between the covers in an objective way.  It dismisses such things as the author’s […]

TV Tropes Monday: Sequel Hooks

Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 6.20: Endings ——- “Leave them wanting more.” That is the key to a good ending. Which is counter intuitive when you think that we are talking about, well, THE END, at least of the story. Enter the Sequel Hook. The trick is balancing the readers expectations. When done well, […]

Short Story Fridays: Severus the Rogue- The Harem

Tweet of the Day: The Flaw in JKR’s (Brilliant) Plan ——- 9 – 11 ——- She curled up in satin sheets. Where it not for the fact that I had little choice or remembrance of what happened I might have considered the late afternoon couplings enjoyable. She was, in a way that stretched the collective […]

Wizards’ World War: Dispatch 12 – Escalation

Tweet of the Day: Shades of Errol Flynn- Chapter Five ——- Intro   11 – 13 ——- Dulles International Airport, Chantilly, VA, July 27th 8:00 a.m. Martha Jean Washington  worked with latex gloves and a smile. It was the only way she could spend eight hours groping an endless parade of travelers, at least those […]

Shorts Story Friday-The Gate: Invasion p.9

Tweet of the Day: A mini lesson on it’s and its…. ——- P.1 – P.2 – P.3 – P.4 – P.5 – P.6a – P.6b – P.7 – P.8 – P.10 – P.11 –P.12a –P.12b – Aftermath ——- Covenshire, or what was left of it. Corpse, stacked four and five deep, burned in large pyres. […]

Weekend Roundup: April 3-9

Tweet of the Day: Magical Thinking ——- Busy week and I see by the site stats that the readership has gone up, except on Friday, a lot of folks had better things to do on Friday. I should stop that, according to writer’s blog experts, moaning about people not reading your blog is a big […]

Short Story Fridays: The Gate p.7-Dreams and Portents

Tweet of the Day: Brevity ——– Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5– Part 6a – Part 6b –Part 8 – Part 9 – Part 10 – Part 11 –Part 12a –Part 12b –Aftermath ——– Look at watch, 1:15 a.m., is going to a long shift. Rodriguez comes […]

Short Story Fridays: The Gate P.2-Charity

This is the second installment on my new series of Friday shorts. I’m trying to make this as interactive as possible, so I’ll try to add links with sounds and music to enhance the experience. Hope you like it. Part 1–Part3–Part 4–Part 5–Part 6a–Part 6b– Part 7 – Part 8 – Part 9 – Part […]

Date Open to Change

Next entry in the series of shorts about life across the pond. Past installment can be found here. —— Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean my mother is not out to get me. She had not said a word, except for hi or hello since she I saw her coming out of Heathrow. She pounced […]