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Space for Rent: Banned Books Week 2013

Tweet of the Day:  Celebrate Banned Books, Rule 42 Style ——— As the week and month come to a close I would be remiss if I did not mention Banned Books Week: Banned Books Week is the national book community’s annual celebration of the freedom to read. Hundreds of libraries and bookstores around the country […]

AW’s September 2012 Blog Chain: Three and a half + Three and a half

Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 7.35: Brainstorming with Dan ——- The number 7. Seen as a holy number by many (at least in the West) it conjures a lot of ideas and so it brings us to the subject of todays post. Welcome back the AW Blog Chain: This month’s prompt: The Number Seven […]

September 2011 Blog Chain: Stakeout

Tweet of the Day:  Never Stray from the Path – Little Red Riding Hood part I ——- September 2011 Blog Chain Starting Date: Thursday September 8, 2011 Open to all forum members, even after it starts! This month’s prompt: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words You have two choices this month: Option 1: Respond to […]

September Seasonal Blog Chain: Life in the Fall

One of two post today. For those following a certain meme, that post should be up shortly. For everyone else I like to kick off the AW’s September Season Blog Chain. The aim of a blog chain is twofold: a) Have fun b) Discover new blogs This means that a true chain blogger reads and […]