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Sense of Direction

Interesting use of white. In the West death is associated with the color black, but in the east death is associated with the color white and the North (Winter/Snow). That was the comment I left on Tasha’s latest blog post. Yes, I just quoted myself. Score one for my ego. Moving on…. We assign values […]

September Seasonal Blog Chain: Life in the Fall

One of two post today. For those following a certain meme, that post should be up shortly. For everyone else I like to kick off the AW’s September Season Blog Chain. The aim of a blog chain is twofold: a) Have fun b) Discover new blogs This means that a true chain blogger reads and […]

Spring Surprise

This is (or at least it should be) the last installment of seasonal themed stories in this blog: Summer: A Yank at a London Coffee Shop Fall: Ends and Beginnings Winter: Home for the Holidays So here we go! ——— He sat on the conservatory, coffee in hand. He  avoided it during the winter, but […]