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A Look Back at Season 2 of Wizards’ World War

Tweet of the Day: Planet-hoping might not be so silly ——– January 3, 2012 The kickoff point for Season 2. Only seven months ago, give a week or two and yet it feels like I have been doing this for ages. A fairly good set of ages I may add. What started as a sort […]

Weekend Roundup + Some Awards and Stuff: July 8th- 14th

Tweet of the Day: The Mysterious Other ——- We start the post with a shout out to Diane Carlisle over at Are We There Yet?. She was kind enough to give me a pair of awards: Sisterhood eh? <Does a simple check> Okay then… I have to answer another seven questions to boot. Lets see: […]

Wizards World War (s.2) Season 2 Finale :Tartarus

Tweet of the Day: Swordplay in Books ——– Season 1 – Dispatch (s.2) 1 – Dispatch 25 ——– Buckingham Palace, City of Westminster, London, 1 September 08:15 hrs GMT I looked at the flimsy fabric of the anointment gown, “Did she really wear something like this?” Owen handed me Excalibur in its new leather scabbard, […]

Wizards’ World War (s.2): Dispatch 10- The Weight of Ages

Tweet of the Day: Appraising the Year to Date ——– Season 1 – Dispatch 1 (s.2) – Dispatch 9– Dispatch 11 ——– Chequers, Prime Ministers Country House, Buckinghamshire, 7 March, 09:38 hrs GMT He gave up the pretense of avoiding the window. The longer he stayed in any one room, the more he wondered to […]

Wizards’ World War Season 2- Dispatch 1: From the Frontlines

Tweet of the Day: Hook the Reader With a Sneak Peek ——- New year, new season of Wizards’ World War, my Urban Fantasy serial. Last season a group of American magi managed to stop the ever growing conflict between their kind and elements of the U.S. government. But while one fire simmers another roars across […]