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Space for Rent: Back to the Future of Spaceflight

Tweet of the Day: The Power of the Short Story ——- If someone would have told me in 1994 that the future of spaceflight looked more like this:   Than this: I would have laughed at them. There was no way that NASA would abandon the shuttle for something out of the 1960s. They pressed […]

TV Tropes Monday: Sliding Scale of Free Will vs. Fate

Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 8.24: Project in Depth-Kiss Me Twice ——- Man vs. Nature Man vs. Society Man vs. Fate These are the elements at the heart of the Sliding Scale of Free Will vs. Fate. The trope’s page gives us several points along the scale, but I’ll concentrate on the essence of […]

Mass Effect/AEC Chaper 11:Memories

Tweet of the Day: The Care and Feeding of Chapter Breaks ——- ——- Thompson-Ramos Private Residence, Sagan Bay, Bekenstein, Boltzmann, Serpent Nebula, April 23, 2196 The hammock swayed on the gentle night breeze that blew from Sagan’s Bay. It was a rare break from work; planning attack/defense scenarios, intelligence gathering, resource allocation. I put down […]

TV Tropes Monday: Atlantis

Tweet of the Day: Walking the Ghosts ——- Want an ancient civilization with fantastic technology/magic/treasure that disappeared due to a world shaking catastrophe because of the hubris of Man. One word: Atlantis. You’re one stop shop for: ancient mysteries, all myths are true, human aliens, ancient astronauts, eldritch horrors and loopy philosophers looking for allegories […]

Sunday Treat: David Attenburough First’ Life

    Tweet of the Day: The Brontë Brow: visiting the phrenologist. ——- I am a naturally curious person. I love science and history and the more obscure the subject, the more fascinating I find it. So I may pass on dinosaurs because they have been done to… a lot, but something on the earliest […]

A Sunday Treat: Sir Terry Pratchett and the Science of Discworld

Tweet of the Day: Strings of Retaliation-10b-Intervetion ——- A great video that shows the thinking that went into the world building of behind the Science of Discworld (a spinoff of Pratchett’s long running series of fantasy novels) and an odd, but interesting exploration of real life science as well: ——-

Filler Post: Calls for Anthologies

Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 8.4: Side-Characters Arcs ——- I apologise for the lack of story today, working on something right now that is taking up quite a bit of my brain’s processing power. Will return to regular posting soon. In the mean time take a look at this: The journey continues… World Weaver […]

Genre as Argument: Science Fiction

Tweet of the Day:  Bidding Farewell to the Comfort Zone ——- If science fiction makes an argument, it is one centered around technology: either it will improve our lives or it will devastate us. Each sub-genres within it stakes a place along the scale of idealism versus cynicism. Born out of the combination of the […]

Space for Rent: No Such Thing as a Golden Age

  No “Tweet of the Day” for today. Why? Because this is a political post, pure and simple. Feel free to do one of the following: roll your eyes, close the window, unsubscribe or throw something at the screen.  I recommend the former to the latter on account that what  you are about to read, […]

Weekend Roundup: September 30 October 6 + Big Bird and Banned Books Week 2012

Tweet of the Day: Thoughts on Narrative Framing Devices ——- Not a lot of posting, but still a busy week. Lots of writing, mainly on my entry to the SFR Brigade Anthology (deadline January 1st, 2013, must be a member to submit). Hoping that my story makes the cut. You should check the site out […]