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Ambrosius the Warlord 11: King of the Hill

Tweet of the Day: Spiders, Versatile Blogger Award and Stupid Birds ——– Severus the Rogue – 1 – 10 – 12 ——– “Do not worry Arthur, it took some doing but she is went North to your father’s hall,” said Lodergraine as he knelt beside me in the grass. “Good, then the only thing I […]

Ambrosius the Warlord 8: One Step Forward…

Tweet of the Day: Designing from Bones – Elements of Culture ——- Severus the Rogue – 1 – 7 – 9 ——- “Arthur,” said Leodegrance as he approached the table, “may I have a word.” “Certainly Sire,” I said as I fell in step with him. Below us, at the foot of the hill the […]

Ambrosius the Warlord 5: Of Hearth and Home

Tweet of the Day: Now that the Connection is open again… ——– Severus the Rogue – 1 – 4 – 6 ——– While Father went out on a rare summer hunt, Guinever and I tended to our knitting in my room. Pip and Conobar, Father’s oldest hounds lounged at our feet. I tickled Pip with […]

Ambrosius the Warlord 4: One Out of Ten

Tweet of the Day: White Privilege and Fiction ——– Severus the Rogue – 1 – 3 –  5 ——– The morning fog rang with the clash of steel. Men danced like shadows from a candle’s star in the thick fog bank. An axe flew through the air. It shattered my shield on contact. The thrower […]