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TV Tropes Monday: Magic A is Magic A

Tweet of the Day: In Real Life ——- “Magic” is what defines the speculative in speculative fiction. And by magic I mean those elements that allow for for things that simply cannot exist in the world as we know it, such as mind-reading, teleportation and Faster than Light Travel, to name a few. In essence […]

A wizard’s conclave and dinner party. (SPOILERS/LONG POST)

You are cordially invited to a wizard’s conclave and dinner party. Guest List: Fizban the Fabulous and Dalamar: Dragonlance Series The Trio- Harry/Hermione/Ron : Harry Potter Series Harry Dresden: The Dresden Files Host: Ralph Pratchett: The House Elf ——- Why did I agree to do this? OK, I locked everything that runs on electricity in […]

Many Rules, One Law

Sputnitsa recently wrote: “The Golden Rule (about writing) is there are no rules.” I disagreed (and still do), and said so. That doesn’t mean that she is wrong. Only that I disagree. Yes, I know you can read the caption under the screaming cat. Irony is ironic. Sometimes. But I digressed. I should stop doing […]

Until the Kindle Runs Out: Amazon Erases Orwell from Kindle

The Internet has changed the rules of ownership forever. I mean how much did you pay for those 347 songs in your iPod? Somewhere between 0-and zilch! Don’t B.S. me, I know it, you know it, everybody knows it. I’m not going to tell on you, OK? So chill. But what if you bought your […]