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Home Just in Time for Xmas Eve

  Tweet of the Day: Bad Life Decisions: Mary Robinette Kowal Reads Theodore Beale. Sexily. ——- They weaved through the throng of last minute Christmas shoppers their hands tightly clasp. Tina talked non-stop, about the weather, holidays parties,  and gifts. She listened to every word, hung on every sigh and laugh. The only thing that […]

Space for Rent: James Bonding

Tweet of the Day: Faces on the Wall ——— This is a post that blends video games with social commentary. You have been warned. Okay, here we go. Certain video game studios, like EA’s BioWare, are known for the emphasis on story in their game. As part of that emphasis they have included the chance […]

A Valentine’s Repost: Falling in Love At A Coffee Shop

Tweet of the Day: Blind Date with a Ventriloquist ——- I suppose it is the season. You know, late winter looking forward to spring: flowers, fluttering hearts and all of that. So let me re-indulge my hidden romantic and re-post an old story of mine with a slight alteration in PoV: ——- I looked over […]

Lessons from the Aether: Halo 4 and Science Fiction Romance

Tweet of the Day: Audacious Grace: A visit to William Penn —— —— She is a rampant AI (past her “life” expectancy)  with the power to interface (and control) any computer in the galaxy. He is a a genetically modified, cybernetic enhanced super-soldier who has spent a life time fighting humanity’s enemies. Together they save […]

Sex and the Written Page

Tweet of the Day: Some Like it Hot ——- I’ve talked about sex in books way back when I started this blog, with the general admonishment that one should avoid sex scenes if possible. Mind you that post was written in a comedic way, that is making fun of romance and erotic books, but now […]

This Just In: I’m a SFR Writer!

Tweet of the Day: The SFR Brigade Midsummer Blog Hop! ——- “Life isn’t divided into genres. It’s a horrifying, romantic, tragic, comical, science-fiction cowboy detective novel. You know, with a bit of pornography if you’re lucky.” —Alan Moore Novel talk time. As some of you might know,  my latest project (non blog related) is sci-fi. […]

NaStyRoMo 2012: A long way back.

Tweet of the Day: Epistolary Writing ——– The Wolf and the Songbird It seems I’m not done yet with the little village of Bleddynglen or the tale of a girl that finds a wolf in the woods. Interesting. The story continues in: Under the Stars ——– “Dammit Jason, you’re heavy,” I said while dragging his […]