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TV Tropes Monday: Full-Circle Revolution

Tweet of the Day: Romance and Fantasy ——– It is easier to destroy a thing than to build it. So it is with this trope. Often revolutions, specially in modern times, have lofty ideals but actually change nothing. One thing is to take down a government, specially a weak or unpopular one, but what comes […]

TV Tropes Monday: The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized

Tweet of the Day: Finished ——- Few revolutions are gentle or bloodless. Overthrowing the existing order is usually a bloody process that leaves many a scar. The simple act of resistance to the powers that be either invites or requires violence which in turn tarnishes the very ideals of the revolution. Add to this conflicting […]

TV Tropes Monday: Your Terrorist Are Our Freedom Fighters

  Tweet of the Day: Nebula Nominated Novellas ——- Everybody loves the underdog. No better antagonist to test your heroic MC than an evil government that oppresses the masses and has overwhelming sources at its disposal. But war is a dirty business with all the collateral damage, fight for survival and trust issues. And then […]