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Ambition as Heroic Motivation

Tweet of the Day: In Time (a 500-word story) ——– Modern stories, especially in the speculative fiction of the local book store avoid ambition like the plaque OK, let me rephrase that. In modern stories ambition is seen as a flaw rather than a boon. For example, many a changeling story (you know the ones […]

Weekend Roundup: July 24-30

Tweet of the Day: Harry’s Ultimate Ordeal ——- This week was a bit weird. The heat turned my brain into a soggy mess, so most of the posts were late. But I still managed to keep my daily schedule: Sun: The Sunday Tweet brought us the Elements of Style. It’s all about the choices we […]

Re-Post: Evil Lies in the Hearts of Men

Tweet of the Day: The 3 Mortal Sins of Fiction ——- I usually do these on Thursdays, but for some reason my brain just died today. So, here it is, another blog immigrant from SuD. ——– So, the Big Bad has set up shop in the entropic Kingdom of Doom and now his armies march […]

Repost: On Politics, Religion and Speculative Fiction

  Tweet of the Day: Who is the Greatest Dragon? ——– In the spirit of full, honest and complete disclosure, I am a liberal. Why did I just write that? Because it informs my worldview and by extension my writing. So does my religion or lack thereof (I am an agnostic). Anyone that thinks that […]

World Building (Sci-Fi): Chose Your Planetary Color

  Tweet of the Day: What Lies Beyond the Observable Hubble Universe? ——- Most science fiction works with casual interstellar space travel suffer from the Single Biome Planet Syndrome. This is the case were in a planet is described as having a single class biome, such as Forest, Desert, Tundra or Ocean for the entire […]