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Space for Rent: A Word of Advice

  I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: If there is a month dedicated to Black History, don’t say, “What about a White History Month?” If there is a discussion about sexual assault/abuse of women, don’t ask, “What about male rape?” If someone is pointing the problems in Nation X, don’t say, “It’s worse […]

Weekend Roundup: August 17-23

  Tweet of the Day: Boost Story Conflict By Exploring the Dark Side of Your Hero’s Best Qualities ——- Many moons ago I got into blogging out of frustration with politics. I needed an outlet to express my views and generally vent about it all. But along the way it consumed me in a very […]

Space for Rent: The Truth about Israel

I wrote and posted this piece in another blog, in another time, but the world turns and what is old is new again. This is an opinion piece backed by some relevant facts. Like any opinion about the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict it will not be popular. However, I will not play the game of false […]

Space for Rent: Presumption of Guilt

You heard the phrase, “Presumed innocent until proven guilty,” right? It should apply to all citizens, hell to all human beings. Alas…. You want to know the face of racism? It is not the old white guy with a sheet over his head, or his younger son raising his hand in a Nazi salute. It […]

Space for Rent: Fiction as a Reflection of Reality

Tweet of the Day: A Perfect Red ——- Art is a mirror of reality. Art is part of reality, as surely are the mirror is part of the room it resides in. No matter how distorted the image, it is just a reflection and just as revealing. Fiction, as a subset of the art of […]

Welcome to the Other Side

I’m alive! In slight pain and some discomfort but alive.  A quick in an out, a burning sensation in my abdomen and 4 new holes I could do without, but at least the gallstone is gone.  Thanks to everyone that stopped by with well wishes.   Rafa  

February AW Blogroll: Love vs. Romance

Welcome to the February AW Blogroll. Lets start with the rules: It (the blogroll)can be themed or not. This one will be. The first person just makes a post on their blog. The person following will take some element from the previous blogger and make their own post, including that element. Please link back to […]