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Weekend Roundup: May 8-14

Tweet of the Day: The Fall of Book Publishing: The Rise of New E-Book Business Models ——- Two weeks of nothing but net, I mean posts. So far so good. This week was a busy one, from feudal futures to final showdowns. It went something like this: Sun: Writing the (dreaded) query letter. Still working […]

Sunday Tweets: How to write a Query Letter

Tweet of the Day: How to write a Query Letter ——- The dreaded query letter. Unless you already jumped into the self publishing bandwagon, you are still doing the publishing rounds, and that means: Write Book Revise Book Re-write Book Write Query Letter Get Agent Revise Manuscript (again) Offer Manuscript to Publishers (through agent) Sell […]

No NaNo This Year

And I won’t be as cool as all my fellow scribes who are counting the days to NaNo 2010. A few reasons why: RoE (Part 1) is in full bloom. I’m writing, organizing and generally trying to give birth to this bad boy. I think I’m half way through but won’t know until later on. […]

My Main Character is an A-Hole:A Query Pitch in Progess

Michael, the MC in my first book is self confident to the point of arrogance. There, I said it. I still like him. Why? I mean arrogance is not a trait many people like to put up with arrogant jerks in real life, let alone in their fiction. Of course, Michael is clever enough not […]

Clearing the Deck-Week 2: Killing My Darlings

The 360 is back on. 😦 Tried to keep the streak but half way through the week I failed. Couldn’t  do it any more. Why? I sent an excerpt (first 450 words) of my first WIP to a contest, to see if I could snag an agent. Missed the first dateline, almost missed the second. […]

My First Rejection Letter

Yep, I got my first rejection letter, or should I say email. It was pleasant enough. I thought I was going to feel awful about getting it but it seems that the writer did put some effort into writing it, even if it was a form response. Not saying that it was, I haven’t received […]

Still At It!

Do I ever! Number of Queries Sent: 1 Number of Rejections Received: 0 Expect anything out of the first query, not bloody likely! Why? Because it sucked. For some reason I can’t write a query that’s worth a damn. I write a few first paragraphs, think they are swell and then once I had a […]