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Weekend Roundup: May 8-14

Tweet of the Day: The Fall of Book Publishing: The Rise of New E-Book Business Models ——- Two weeks of nothing but net, I mean posts. So far so good. This week was a busy one, from feudal futures to final showdowns. It went something like this: Sun: Writing the (dreaded) query letter. Still working […]

Sunday Tweets: How to write a Query Letter

Tweet of the Day: How to write a Query Letter ——- The dreaded query letter. Unless you already jumped into the self publishing bandwagon, you are still doing the publishing rounds, and that means: Write Book Revise Book Re-write Book Write Query Letter Get Agent Revise Manuscript (again) Offer Manuscript to Publishers (through agent) Sell […]

No NaNo This Year

And I won’t be as cool as all my fellow scribes who are counting the days to NaNo 2010. A few reasons why: RoE (Part 1) is in full bloom. I’m writing, organizing and generally trying to give birth to this bad boy. I think I’m half way through but won’t know until later on. […]

My Main Character is an A-Hole:A Query Pitch in Progess

Michael, the MC in my first book is self confident to the point of arrogance. There, I said it. I still like him. Why? I mean arrogance is not a trait many people like to put up with arrogant jerks in real life, let alone in their fiction. Of course, Michael is clever enough not […]

Clearing the Deck-Week 2: Killing My Darlings

The 360 is back on. 😦 Tried to keep the streak but half way through the week I failed. Couldn’t  do it any more. Why? I sent an excerpt (first 450 words) of my first WIP to a contest, to see if I could snag an agent. Missed the first dateline, almost missed the second. […]

My First Rejection Letter

Yep, I got my first rejection letter, or should I say email. It was pleasant enough. I thought I was going to feel awful about getting it but it seems that the writer did put some effort into writing it, even if it was a form response. Not saying that it was, I haven’t received […]

Still At It!

Do I ever! Number of Queries Sent: 1 Number of Rejections Received: 0 Expect anything out of the first query, not bloody likely! Why? Because it sucked. For some reason I can’t write a query that’s worth a damn. I write a few first paragraphs, think they are swell and then once I had a […]

A Meme and a Preview

First the preview. This is the opening scene of my first novel (which I’m querying right now). It got some good comments/critiques over at Miss Snark’s First Victim and I like to share it with you today. ——- The One Letter I checked the mailbox with a sense of dread. There was always a chance […]

Query Week: It’s all about the sale

Before we begin, lets slide over to the blog plug of the day: C. Hope Clark has an excellent post on those overworked mini0ns…I mean staffers of our dedicated agent to be and what do they do for both agent (boss) and writer (most annoying, I mean honorable costumers). Oh, and Amy had another rejection […]

Query Week: Alternatives to Queriying

NOTE: This post assumes that you, as the writer, want to snag an agent. By passing the agents or self-publishing will be covered on a later date. —– Is there is such a thing? Yes, but it takes steel nerves and a bit of luck to successfully bypass the querying process in order to land […]