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TV Tropes Monday: Succession Crisis

  Tweet of the Day: WisCon: The Frenkel Decision ——– There comes a time in the life of any government that the baton must be past to a new leader, except that somebody drops the baton, or is shot on the way to delivering it, or the baton gets lost, or the metaphor gets stretched […]

TV Tropes Monday: Aristocrats Are Evil

  Tweet of the Day: Dragons, Wild Men and Bigfoot ——– Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and there is no more corrupting power than one given to you by a simple accident of birth. Ergo, aristocrats, whose power comes from the position they were born to and (at least in the past) held absolute power over […]

TV Tropes: Deadly Decadent Court

Tweet of the Day: Ancient Roman Pin-Up Boys ——– Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely…. Welcome to a world of snide remarks, not so innocent innuendo, sharp daggers (real or imagined), food tasters and cyanide. This is the Deadly Decadent Court, where appearances matter and the only truth is power, for however long you […]

March 2013 Blog Chain: The Leprechaun’s Confession

Tweet of the Day: The Tale of the Bungling Chameleon ——- Almost but not quite done with this month, we still have a Blog Chain to post: This month’s prompt: What the Leprechaun Said Yep, it’s March. The theme is one of general St. Patrick-ness, so don’t worry if you’re not comfortable with writing fantasy […]

World Building Wednesday: The Outer Limits of Power

Tweet of the Day: Information Density and Selecting Planks for Story Scaffolding ——– At some point in the creation of your speculative fiction universe you have to decide what are the outer limits of the powers, abilities or magic that make or are used in the universe. Some common limits are (following last week talk […]

Wizards’ World War (s.2) Dispatch 25: Cold Vengeance

Tweet of the Day: A Recipe for Revolution in Speculative Fiction ——- Season 1– Dispatch (s.2) 1 – Dispatch 24 – Dispatch 26 ——- Snowdonia National Park, Principality of Wales,  10 August 22:38 GMT I scrambled up the wall by shaping Earth into a series of handhold . I peeked over the edge and saw […]