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Weekend Roundup: January 27- Februaru 2

  Tweet of the Day: Interdependence ——- Ah, the only way I can describe this week is as filler week. Basically I dumped whatever I thought would fill the space until I sorted things out. Plus the posting has continued to be erratic. And I realized that WordPress is adding advertising to the posts as […]

Weekend Roundup + Some Awards and Stuff: July 8th- 14th

Tweet of the Day: The Mysterious Other ——- We start the post with a shout out to Diane Carlisle over at Are We There Yet?. She was kind enough to give me a pair of awards: Sisterhood eh? <Does a simple check> Okay then… I have to answer another seven questions to boot. Lets see: […]

And Back Again

Tweet of the Day: In Other News ——– Well, the break is over. I know, I know, I said I would take the whole month, but considering how the month went so far, and that my only posting (besides obligatory blog chain) went something like this: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Not a single letter written on my WiP. […]

Weekend Roundup: February 19-25

Tweet of the Day: Indie Author’s Barriers ——– Something strange happened on Sunday. I wrote another NaStyRoMo story? Seems like I’m not done with Jason and Jennifer. I’m committing to a new serial (sorry Carol), I already have two serials on the blog, adding a third seems like a juggling act I may not be […]

Weekend Roundup: February 11 – 18

Tweet of the Day: Infantalizing Women in Name of Feminism ——- Interesting week this was. I jumped feet first out of my comfort zone, because face first would have hurt, had a character travel to the Isle of Apples, slipped a bit of love potion on a drink and went gonzo on video games as […]

Weekend Roundup: October 2-8

Tweet of the Day: In Progress (Orc Romance III) ——- What a week! Weird one too. A bit of Lovecraft crossing the Moral Event Horizon and then the death of Steve Jobs to boot and ended with me at a loss for words. Sun: The Art of the Subplot, not as easy as it sounds. […]

Sunday Tweet: The Art of the Subplot 1 & 2

Tweets of the Day: The Art of the Subplot The Art of the Subplot, part 2 ——– Today we have a double Sunday Tweet, or its a very long tweet split in the middle. Make of it what you will. And it is all about subplots. Enter the definition of: sub·plot [suhb-plot] Show IPA noun […]

Weekend Update: September 18-24 with 50% more fanfic!

Tweet of the Day: The Big Sexy Problem with Superheroines and Their ‘Liberated Sexuality’ ——– This was the week of ending and near endings. Wizards’ World War Season 1 drew to a close. It felt a bit rushed, I know, and I’ll have to revised in the near future, but my gut told me that […]

Weekend Roundup: September 4-10

Tweet of the Day: Dusk at the Dinner ——– This week theme was Superheroes! and censorship. Yes, it was one of those weeks. Maybe is DC Nu-Universe seeping into the collective consciousness, or too many hours playing Prototype, which is GTA with superpowers, but no heroics. And a maddening final blog of a boss thing […]

Weekend Roundup: July 24-30

Tweet of the Day: Harry’s Ultimate Ordeal ——- This week was a bit weird. The heat turned my brain into a soggy mess, so most of the posts were late. But I still managed to keep my daily schedule: Sun: The Sunday Tweet brought us the Elements of Style. It’s all about the choices we […]