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TV Tropes Monday: Samus is a Girl

    Tweet of the Day: Why Sealioning Is Bad ——- Samus is a Girl is a character trope that occurs when the audience perceives a character as male but later find out that they are female. What I find fascinating about this trope is that even when little or no indication of gender is […]

TV Tropes Monday: Heir Club for Men

Tweet of the Day: Thursday Special ~ At the Border ——- Henry the VIII, you remember him, of Anne Bolin, the Anglican Church, and the dead wives (some of which he ordered disposed of by means most fowl). You see Old H did this not only because he was the president of the Heir Club […]

Space for Rent: Rafa’s Escort Service

  Last week massacre in California made me think of my college days. Back then I managed to, in spite of my extreme social awkwardness and ineptitude, to have a large circle of friends and acquaintances.  Many of them were women. We would gather in the Student Union building for breakfast or lunch, tell stories, […]