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World Building: Recycling Ideas

Tweet of the Day: The Daughters of Ares ——– I love when a new story surges through me. Not just the odd short, but a completely new novel. Nothing feels quite like it. The new project is a Renaissance Fantasy called Mallorie & Richard. Yes, it has romantic overtones, as it centers around the life […]

More Writers Blogs and Resources

Another Friday, another list of writer’s blogs and resources for writers. Long on the first category, short on the second. The Blogs: W.I.P.: Work in Progress is Rosemerry’s blog where she traces the development of her current project. Interesting read. Isaac Espriu’s Place: Blog covering the life and times of a full time writer, hour […]

My Life Tattooed on Someone Else’s Page

Something extremely weird happened to me a few nights back. I was reading my copy of Harry, A History by Melissa Anelli (which according to the front cover is the “Award-winning webmistress of the Leaky Cauldron” website) when I found myself. Literally. I read three pages that seemed ripped from my own life, the last […]