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You Can’t Fight the Feeling

Nope, you can’t. And I don’t mean that loving feeling. I mean your gut, your instincts. Let me explain. A month or so back I announced the end of my editing process. All I had to do was type it up, write the query letter and off to join the ranks of published authors. Except […]


Did I mention I suck? Because I do according to these choice words: If you are a English Literature graduate I’d expect fewer grammatical errors in your query. and, You are still not in command of the English language No wonder my Betas passed on my book! Damn! Aaaargh!

A movie non-review: Star Trek The Movie (New)

Why call it a non-review, because in order to properly review this movie I would have to go into details that would ruin it for you. And I don’t want to do that? Why? Because…this movie…is…AWESOME! I will, however, highlight some of the ways this movie is AWESOME! by using my preferred method of illustrating […]