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NaNo 2011: Ruins of Empire-Encyclopedia Galactica

Tweet of the Day: Are Your Dialogue Beats Repetitious? ——- More world building stuff, this time an “encyclopedia” of useful terms. Again, this is a reconstruction, since I lost the original some time ago. Now, in no particular order (and therefore defying the encyclopedic concept|) here are a few terms: Galactic Empire: Form of hereditary […]

NaNo 2011: Ruins of Empire-Timeline

Tweet of the Day: The Iceman Plot —— You may have noticed the dearth of post around here not to mention that this is not the regularly scheduled update to Necessary Heroes. You know the answer already: NaNo Instead I give you some background/world building info on the current project to wet your appetites. I […]

Weekend Roundup: October 30-November 5 + Blog Chain

Tweet of the Day: The 99 Miles of October ——– Mighty short week this one on account of my Interweb provider and their shoddy service.  No internet, no post. I guess I should just write them all in a day or so and them program wordpress to publish them on a daily basis, but the […]