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Wizards’ World War (s.2) Dispatch 25: Cold Vengeance

Tweet of the Day: A Recipe for Revolution in Speculative Fiction ——- Season 1– Dispatch (s.2) 1 – Dispatch 24 – Dispatch 26 ——- Snowdonia National Park, Principality of Wales,  10 August 22:38 GMT I scrambled up the wall by shaping Earth into a series of handhold . I peeked over the edge and saw […]

Wizards’ World War: Dispatch 15 – Tear Brittania

Tweet of the Day: Drama vs. Melodrama: Can You Tell the Difference? ——- Intro–  14 – 16 ——- ITV Studios, The Ten O’clock News London, UK,  5 August,  18:00 hours local The anchorman looked stared at the lens of camera three, a stern crease on his eyebrows as he narrated the days events: A third […]