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Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 26 (c.2)- Fire Mission

Tweet of the Day: Will Readers Find Your Protagonist Worthy? ——- Camp Kendrick, 55 km Southeast of the Ebon Mountains, Chav, Landam System, Crescent  Nebula, April 2, 2197 Admiral Landry, Colonel Puller and I stood around the holo table as reports of Operation Ocelot collapse came over the radio, “This is Sierra-4, we are under […]

Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Daughters of Essan Launch Terror Campaign

  Tweet of the Day: I am a real person and I stand with Irene Gallo ——- ANN News Desk on The Citadel March 15, 2197 Daughters of Essan Launch Terror Campaign by By Iris Dunnigan CITADEL, THE PRESIDIUM- Emissaries from over a dozen worlds in the Terminus Systems called upon the Citadel Council to […]

Mass Effect: Ejection

  Tweet of the Day: I Write ——- “Ranger Lead, break right!” Rodan slammed the twin control sticks to the right. A red beam lanced the fighter’s port thruster. The craft shuddered. The Oculus interceptor on his tail pressed the attack. Rodan dove to the ground. Stacks of pre-fabs, rushed past his canopy. Another particle […]

Mass Effect/AEC: ANN News-Timeline for February 18, 2197

  Tweet of the Day: The Connection Between Emotional Wounds and Basic Needs ——- ANN Central Studios, Vancouver, North American Union, Earth, Sol System, Local Group, February 18, 2197 ANN: Timeline with Richard Garrett   Richard Garrett– This is Sunday, February 18, 2197 and welcome to another edition of Timeline. As always we have in […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 25 (c.2)- Capitol

Tweet of the Day:  Bad Life Decisions: Make Me Read Theodore Beale ——- Seventh Floor Our Lady of Hope Hospital, New Bristol, Chav, Landam System, Crescent  Nebula, February 15, 2197 I rounded the corner of the stairwell and collided with a Cerberus trooper. I parried his rifle barrel with my own then stabbed him deep […]

Mass Effect/AEC- ANN News: Explosive Allegations Against W-Y

Tweet of the Day: Sega Satun: How one decision destroyed PlayStation’s greatest rival ——- ANN News Desk on The Citadel February 19, 2197 Contact with Colony Lost by By Iris Dunnigan CITADEL, THE PRESIDIUM- The leader of a Czerka Arms rescue/security team sent to investigate the loss of the colony of WY-557 (Styx Theta Cluster) […]

Mass Effect/AEC- ANN News: Alliance Captures Cerberus Shipyards

Tweet of the Day: A Sermon in Silver-Guilt ——- ANN News Desk on The Citadel February 12, 2197 Alliance Captures Cerberus Shipyards by By Iris Dunnigan CITADEL, THE PRESIDIUM- The Systems Alliance military announced that earlier this month a wolf pack of Alliance frigates supported by fighters from the carrier SSV Hawking launched an operation […]


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