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The Life and Death of Mass Effect: A Failed Trilogy

  Tweet of the Day: Mass Effect: Andromeda- Update from the Studio It is almost official, the Mass Effect gaming franchise is dead. But how did it come to this?

ME2: One Night in Nos Astra with…Thane

Tweet of the Day:  A Commitment to Reviewing Short Fiction —— Azure, Nos Astra, Illium, A few days after the destruction of the Alpha Relay…. Shepard curled up in a lounge chair, sweatshirt drawn tightly around her. She ignored the buzz of hundreds of shuttles that flew across Illium crowded skies. She loved cities, the […]

Mass Effect 2: One Night in Nos Astra

Mass Effect 2: One Night in Nos Astra

Tweet of the Day: Why Can’t Comedy Games be Funny to Play? ——- ——- Azure, Nos Astra, Illium, A few days after the destruction of the Alpha Relay…. Shepard stared at the sunset. She marveled at how the sunlight flickered as long lines of air cars zoomed past. A multitude of workers, friends, family, people […]

Mass Effect 2: Where in the Galaxy is Vido Santiago?

Tweet of the Day: Create a Villain and Describe Him in 500 Words or Less ——- ——- The taste of stale alcohol triggered Vido’s gag response. Distant thuds reverberated deep inside his forehead. The headache grew stronger with each pulse. He tried to get up but something kept him in place. His eyes snapped open. […]

A Filler Post: Facts About Garrus Vakarian

Tweet of the Day: Where’d You Get That Black Hat? ——– Yes, this is a filler post. Yes, it is about Mass Effect. Yes, I “borrowed” the idea from somebody at deviantArt, who borrowed it from the Internet at large. Yes, I am a fanboy. 😦 No, I don’t have any shame, because I don’t […]

Mass Effect: Mirrored Souls

Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 7.33 Authentic Emotions ——- Jon Grissom Academy, Petra Nebula, Vetus, March 4, 2187 Miranda looked around the small room. She focused on the details.  Pictures plastered on a wall, full of young smiling faces with captions such as, “To my favorite psychotic biotic” or “Best teacher ever!”  A dark studded leather […]

Mass Effect 3: Conversations DLC

Tweet of the Day: Book Review: Let the Right One In ——- (SPOILERS OF THE MASS EFFECT SERIES) This is the last of the “bridging” stories/DLCs (Downloadable Content) ——- Normandy SR-2, Port Observation Deck, Space Dock 1, Arcturus Station Ash took another sip from her glass. A synth heavy pop song from Illumiun played in […]

Weekend Update: September 18-24 with 50% more fanfic!

Tweet of the Day: The Big Sexy Problem with Superheroines and Their ‘Liberated Sexuality’ ——– This was the week of ending and near endings. Wizards’ World War Season 1 drew to a close. It felt a bit rushed, I know, and I’ll have to revised in the near future, but my gut told me that […]

Weekend Roundup: May 22-28 with a Blog Chain

Tweet of the Day: Writing Urban Fantasy Without Vampires, Detectives or Tramp-Stamped Chicks ——- Before we go to the main event, I present to you the week in post: Sun: Some of the Dumbest and Smartest things a fellow author did on her way to publication. Mon: Royals who actually do something, brought to you […]

Spreadsheet Madness

A dog sitting on a bar stool is kind of crazy. Me using spreadsheets to organize my characters in RoE, now that is insane. I like to blame Amy for this little jaunt to the insane asylum.  I can barely use Excel and yet here I am, filling out cells, well, like crazy! When one […]