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Many Rules, One Law

Sputnitsa recently wrote: “The Golden Rule (about writing) is there are no rules.” I disagreed (and still do), and said so. That doesn’t mean that she is wrong. Only that I disagree. Yes, I know you can read the caption under the screaming cat. Irony is ironic. Sometimes. But I digressed. I should stop doing […]

Got Muse? A Few Questions for Writers

A quick survey type meme from leftywritey via Tasha blog. 1) Where do you write? Coffee shop. 2) When do you write? In the afternoon. 3) Planner or Pantser? Panster with a bit of mapping along the way. 4) Coffee or tea? Coffee shop equals coffee, ’nuff said. 5) Pen and paper, or computer? Pen […]

It’s a mistake! Time to edit.

Now that is a good question (posed by Benjamin Solah over at the AW Forums). I start editing the moment I write I write my first drafts on legal notepad (white-blue lined). That gives me the freedom to add notes, scratch entire senteces, scenes or what have you. When I tried to do it in […]

A movie non-review: Star Trek The Movie (New)

Why call it a non-review, because in order to properly review this movie I would have to go into details that would ruin it for you. And I don’t want to do that? Why? Because…this movie…is…AWESOME! I will, however, highlight some of the ways this movie is AWESOME! by using my preferred method of illustrating […]

Once More into the Breach….

Well, I’m nearly finished with my second WIP, so now it is time to go back and revised Neither Here nor There… one more time. This time around I plan to use the One-Pass Manuscript Revision method I have heard so much about. If this works then I may have discovered a way to work […]

BSG was not the best show on television.

And if it was, then American television sucks! “What are you talking about?” “Battlestar Galactica was the best show on….” No it was not. I say this as a disgruntled fan. I abandoned the show when the humans decended to Hell, or should I say New Caprica. Until that moment I defended the show every […]