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And so is she.

  Tweet of the Day: The Woman in the Yellow Ruff ——- The knight held the torch as hand as high as he could.  Deeper he went through the twisting passages. Sweat soaked the camisole beneath the shiny breastplate. Each step took him closer to the lair of the beast. Each step brought him closer […]

Short Story Friday: The Gate p.12a- Dragon’s Heart

Tweet of the Day: The Genre Mashup We’d Like to See: Evil Overlord Romance! ——– P.1 – P.2 – P.3 – P.4 – P.5 – P.6a – P.6b –P.7 – P.8 – P.9 –P.10 –P.11 – P.12b –Aftermath ——– -Data Corruption 37% -Current Countermeasures: Infective -Life Support Systems Backups Activated ——— The sands stirred on […]

Short Story Friday: The Gate p.8- Humility

Tweet of the Day: Are You Overusing Passive Verbs? ——- P.1 – P.2 – P.3 – P.4 – P5 – P.6a – P.6b –P.7 – P.9 – P.10 –P.11 –P.12a – P.12b –Aftermath ——- Nothing…. “Hurts, doesn’t it?” I opened my eyes to see Lysandra perched at the edge of a sea of white satin, […]