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First Interview on my Channel

    A quick update to let you know that I have posted the first interview with a game developer on my gaming You Tube channel:  

On the Giving of Thanks

    Not much to report folks. Spent most of the day with my dad in the emergency room. Nothing serious, at least for now, he experience some wooziness and nausea. So no turkey for me on Turkey Day. It happens, you roll with it, carry on, etc. But just so you know that I […]

Space for Rent: Rod Serling-Then and Today

Tweet of the Day: Strings of Retaliation – 3a – Back ——- I saw this video on Tor.com and found it fascinating. Mike Wallace interviewing Rod Serling on the subjects of writing and censorship, subjects that are close to my heart: The first thought that struck was: Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…. […]

Interview with a Character: Ronald Weasley (SPOILERS)

Tweet of the Day: June Writing Challenge: Creature Feature ——– SPOILERS AHEAD! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! ——– Haven’t done a Harry Potter post in awhile, so I decided to combine it with an interview with a character. So I give you Mr. Ronald Bilius Weasley: A year after the events of Book 7 Jacob Stanic […]

Weekend Roundup: May 1 – 7

Tweet of the Day: Three Places Where You Should Show Not Tell ——– So far so good, 7 days, 7 posts. For those of you just tuning in, this is what the first week of May brought us: Sun- Sunday Tweet: The 2011 WordCount Blogathon. Participants pledge to post every day from May 1st- 31st. […]

Weekend Roundup: April 24-30

Tweet of the Day: How To Become a More Self-Disciplined Writer ——- So what happened this week? Let’s take a look: Sun- Plagiarism is not a good thing, ummkay! Mon- A bit of real world politics. Are your heroes Freedom Fighters or Terrorist? And can you tell the difference? Tue- The City as an Urban […]

Weekend Roundup: April 17-23 Plus Another Writer’s Challenge

Tweet of the Day: Telling Your Characters Apart ——– This has been an interesting week in this here blog. Battles fought, stories told, challenges met: Sun- We opened the week with a Sunday Tweet about Sci-Fi as a genre and why it remains the “big tent” of modern literature. Mon- Hatedom, brought to you by […]

Re-post: Interview with a Character

Tweet of the Day: Magic From Technology —– Another re-post, this one from my Urban Fantasy site, Sturm und Drang. This one is doubles as a short story of sorts so I hope you enjoy it. —– My cousin is once again at the helm of our gaming group and he has offered to run […]

September Seasonal Blog Chain: Life in the Fall

One of two post today. For those following a certain meme, that post should be up shortly. For everyone else I like to kick off the AW’s September Season Blog Chain. The aim of a blog chain is twofold: a) Have fun b) Discover new blogs This means that a true chain blogger reads and […]