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Space for Rent: Zombies for All Seasons

  Tweet of the Day: More on game/sexism/representation: a response to a response to a response ——– I was watching this video the other day:     Yes, great little video, I know.  You should check out Dodger work. Now back to the subject at hand. I have posted about my feelings on zombies and […]

Space for Rent: The Allure of Retro-futurism

Tweet of the Day: This Road…It Leads to Nowhere! ——- What is it about visions of future’s past that entices us so? From Cyberpunk to Clockwork-Punk, science fiction is plunging back though its own history in full revival mode. You can’t get any more postmodern than that! The aesthetics of each of these sub-genres has […]

World Building Wednesday: Organizing Your Notes RPG Book Style

Tweet of the Day: Flesh Blood ——- Ah young eager world builders, you have it all: Characters and character illustrations. Locations. Cultures. Maps. In depth history, both social and political. Songs. Poems. Famous battles. Military doctrine. Technological development. Extensive timelines and calendars. Secret histories, conspiracies and legends. You have it all. And it is all […]

World Building Wednesdays: A Sense of History

Tweet of the Day: Strings of Retaliation – 9a – Saskia ——- Yesterday I came across this blog post concerning a new literary movement within speculative fiction called “The New Weird.” The blogger did not focus on the definition of this new movement (at least new to me) but he did touch into something that […]

World Building: Recycling Ideas

Tweet of the Day: The Daughters of Ares ——– I love when a new story surges through me. Not just the odd short, but a completely new novel. Nothing feels quite like it. The new project is a Renaissance Fantasy called Mallorie & Richard. Yes, it has romantic overtones, as it centers around the life […]

TV Tropes Monday: Sure, Why Not?

  Tweet of the Day: Drabble Day-Hourglass ——- Long running series, be they novels, movies or television attract a core of fans that sustain them. And with the internet, fans have created a whole universe of places where they can meet up (virtually) and talk about their favorite piece of fiction to their hearts content. […]

Sunday Tweet: Annoying Questions People Ask Writers: “Where do you get your ideas?”

Tweet of the Day: Annoying Questions People Ask Writers: “Where do you get your ideas?” ——- Well, it is good to see Atsiko back to blogging. As always he writes interesting posts about writing, especially when it comes to spec-fiction. His latest is no different: But, because I think about this kind of stuff a lot, […]

TV Tropes Monday: Another Dimension

Tweet of the Day: Book Trailers: Five Things Shteyngart Gets Right ——- Dimensions are very useful things, for a writer: For example…. If you want to zip across a billion space miles in a second, just hop on to the nearest dimension. Or maybe the local kids want  a lifetime of adventures in a single […]

TV Tropes Monday: Feigning Intelligence

Tweet of the Day: 3 Traits a Hero and Villain Should Share ——- We all met someone who pretended (or pretends) to be smarter than they really are. Admit it, you (and I) have found ourselves in a situation where we want to sound as smart if not smarter than the rooms average IQ. Denizens […]

Sunday Tweet: March Writer’s Challenge

Tweet of the Day: March Writer’s Challenge ——- Since this blog is all bout writing and writers, what better way to promote both than to join a short story challenge. All you got to do is sign up and write either a flash fiction or short story (any genre) using 3 of the nine words/concepts. […]