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Mass Effect/AEC: ANN News-Celebrations Come to a Close

Tweet of the Day: Marauder Shields: Episode 60 (B) ——- From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk November 1, 2196 Celebrations Comes to a Close By Joan Calder MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN – The month long celebration to celebrate the victory over the Reapers ended with a concert from the Megara Stadium on Rannoch. The concert had over 90 […]

Mass Effect: Remember Us

Tweet of the Day: Sanctuary ——- Perkins waited until everyone else left the fare well party. He went over to his protege, the young turian who joined C-Sec eighteen months ago. In those months he taught him everything he knew about police work on the Citadel. How to read both species and individuals. How temper […]

TV Tropes Day: Humans Are Average

  Tweet of the Day: The Writing Publishing Pit and the Pendulum ——- In many works of speculative fiction, humanity comes in somewhere in the middle of things. Neither too strong or too weak. Not the smartest nor the dumbest. Not the most advanced or the most primitive. In essence humans are the baseline. More […]