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TV Tropes Monday: Corporate Warfare

    Tweet of the Day: Who Won Science Fiction’s Hugo Awards, and Why It Matters ——- One of the defining characteristics of nation-states is their monopoly over the use of violence, either as a tool for policing or as a tool of statecraft. So, if you have corporations whose power rivals or exceed that […]

Wolf’s Hunt

Tweet of the Day: Photography: Summer Morning in Middle Head ——- Present Day Athelney,  Somerset, England. Liberating the remains from the pit took days. Days turned into weeks as the team waited for the lab analysis on the hair fibers extracted from mask. It came back. The hairs belonged to Canis lupus lupus, also know […]

Wolf’s Night

Tweet of the Day: Did people in the Middle Ages take baths? ——– Winter of the Year of Our Lord 876, Somerset Levels, Somerset, Kingdom of Wessex Olaf eyes watched the impenetrable darkness. The cold air that blew from the sea across the marshes whipped his blond hair. The rest of the war band sat […]

May 2013 Blog Chain: Wrong Place, Right Time

Tweet of the Day: Why Your Novel May Not Be Historical Fiction After All ——– You knew this was coming, so brace yourself for another Blog Chain brought to you by the folks of Absolute Write Forums: Starting Date: Friday May 3, 2013 Open to all forum members, even after it starts! This month’s prompt: […]

The Musical Chairs Blogfest: Countdown

This is my entry in this month’s Absolute Writer Water Cooler. The idea goes something like this: Why don’t we do a blogfest related to genres? A sort of musical chairs. As in, why don’t we all list our names, websites and preferred genre. Then through a fair and scientific method *cough* drawing names from […]