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Space for Rent: I Am Not Straight, I Am Heterosexual

  Tweet of the Day: A Handmaid’s Tale Is a Warning to Conservative Women     “I am a Christian.” Are not Lutherans, Roman Catholics, Mormons, Mennonites, Anglicans, Eastern Orthodox, and Quakers not Christians? Or are they not the “right” kind of Christian? Which means that those other denominations are “wrong” somehow. It is true […]

Space for Rent: Women as Victims and Villains

Tweet of the Day: Why We Need To Respond To Online Harassment ——— Video games might be the newest art form in our media landscape (barely thirty years old) but they tend to bring forth the oldest stereotypes of gender roles. I noticed a pattern that puts women in one of two categories: victims or […]

Outside the Norm

The other day a friend of mine, one of my Alphas for my second WIP asked me, “Why is <insert name of character> gay?” My answer was, “Because he is.” An answer that I then repeated in the comment section of  of a post on on another writer’s blog about LGBT characters. It was an […]