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Mass Effect/AEC: Alliance News Network:JAC-Eden Prime Opens

Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 9.25:Adjusting Character Sympathy ——– ANN News Desk From Alliance News Desk on the Citadel October 15, 2196 New JAC-Eden Prime Opens by Amita Quita CITADEL, PRESIDIUM- Representatives from the Alliance and Turian militaries participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony signaling the opening of the Joint Allied Command Headquarters (JAC-HQ […]

Mass Effect AEC/ANN News Now: Headlines for October 11, 2196

  Tweet of the Day: History Trivia-King Charles I of England dissolves the Short Parliament ——- ——- ANN News Desk From Alliance News Desk on Milgrom, Bekenstein October 11, 2196 Headlines for October 11, 2196 by Iris Dunnigan Citadel: Commander Thompson-Ramos, Alliance Navy, remains in critical condition in Huerta Memorial after his shuttle crashed into […]

Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: ANN Headlines News Now-Terminus Gripped by Chaos

Tweet of the Day: SomaFM-Spacestation ——- ——- ANN Headlines Now April 19, 2196 Terminus Gripped by Chaos By Iris Dunnigan MILGROM, BEKENSTEIN- Majors spasms of violence have hit multiple worlds in the Terminus systems. While criminal activity is rampant in this sector of the galaxy, it has not seen this surge in conflict in years: […]

Behind the Headlines Blogfest: Abandon All Hope….

Sorry for the delay, although the Blogfest started yesterday, I didn’t want to risk losing this post to my unreliable, if not downright lousy internet connection. I’m working to fix that, but for now I got to work with what I have.  So, without much further ado, I present to you my entry into the […]

A Little Theory of Mine About Men and Women

OK, I admit it, I am bored. I should be writing and no blogging is not writing (raised eyebrow). Yet, I had this old (and perhaps sexist) idea bouncing in my mind for awhile. Hence the title. It goes something like this: a key difference between men and women is that men are possessive and […]

Behind the Headlines BlogFest

I got to strike while the iron is hot, so here it is. The “Behind the Headlines” BlogFest. Just like the last blogfest, the idea is to write a short story (no limit this time, but consider the limitations of blogs). The idea is simple, take a news story, any story (tabloid, blogs, twitter, mainstream […]