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Transitional Scenes: Down the Rabbit Hole

Tweet of the Day: Secret Sexism and Female Character Design ——- What is a transitional scene? A transitional scene is one that helps the reader with the process of suspension of disbelief. By that I mean it is a scene (or scenes) that moves the focus from the familiar to the fantastic. It is easy […]

TV Tropes Monday: Heroes Want Red Heads

Tweet of the Day: On Foreshadowing ——– Heroes Want Redheads, that much is true. Mary Jane to Peter Parker. Jean Grey to Scott Summers (with a bit of Logan thrown in for good measure) Ginny to Harry. Ron to Hermione. Leliana to the Warden <Insert Wife # > to Gibbs <Insert Relevant NPC> to FemShep. […]

Weekend Roundup: August 7-13

  Tweet of the Day: How Marie Claire improved me as a writer. ——- Weird week, eh? Went a bit of the rails. Sorry about that. I’m sure you miss the regular posts, and as promised they will be back next week. To be honest, I’ve had a bit of a brain fart when it […]

Harry Potter Fanfic: Remembrance Day

Tweet of the Day: Review: Stolen Continents ——- Don’t ask me why I decided to dump today’s post for a HP fan fic, and as you will see, one so sickly sweet as this one. I guess sometimes I need to take a break from a project, let it simmer a bit before diving back […]

Sunday Tweet: Fan Fiction – Marketing Genius or Child Molestation?

Tweet of the Day: Fan Fiction- Marketing Genius or Child Molestation? I’ve talked about fan fiction before and I agree with the Sunday Tweets blogger. If the choice is between trying to stamp out all fan fiction based on my works (impossible, if it ever gets that far), or embracing it (with a few Words […]

Sunday Tweet: Elements of Style

Tweet of the Day: Elements of Style (Comic) This will be a short post. The excellent Polenth Blake at Polenth’s Quill wrote an equally short post around a panel of the xkcd webcomic. She was curious about the stylistic reasons of drawing certain stick figures with hair while most of them did not have it […]

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Post….(SPOILERS)

Tweet of the Day: Writing Life: On Muses and Writing ——– Yes, I saw it. (SPOILERS) The last movie. (SPOILERS) As if the big spoiler warning didn’t tip you off. (SPOILERS) Just in case: SPOILERS!!!OMGPONIES!!111!!!! Now that we got that out of the way….. Verdict: It was good. Not exceptional mind you, I think that […]