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    Because sometimes other people say in a few minutes what it takes me a lifetime:  

Space for Rent: Guns for Everybody!

WARNING: Political Rant Ahead. You have been warned. —— You know, I think I got this gun business all wrong. I think problem is we are not arming the right people. For example: Since violent crime is disproportionally high among the poor and minorities, we should flood poor urban areas with guns. Hell, let’s bring  back the […]

Space for Rent: Gun Culture

Tweet of the Day: More from Manguel: Language and the Limits of the Imagination  WARNING: This is a rant. An unapologetic rant. A political rant. Feel free to disregard and move on. Still here? Okay then…. It seems the world didn’t end today, but then again, the day ain’t over yet. But the world did end for […]