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TV Tropes Monday: Blind Idiot Translation

Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 6.15: Writing Other Cultures ——- Languages are not easy. Mastering one can take a lifetime (or more) what with all the rules of grammar, ever changing slang and jargon. So it is no surprise when you come across it can go horribly wrong. Enter the Blind Idiot Translation.: A […]

A Letter That Will Change The World

At least that what I am hoping for. And what is this letter that will do this? My query letter, of course. Mind you the world I am aiming to change is my own. Small target, I know. But still worth pursuing (in a totally selfish way). I written a few copies, but so far […]


Did I mention I suck? Because I do according to these choice words: If you are a English Literature graduate I’d expect fewer grammatical errors in your query. and, You are still not in command of the English language No wonder my Betas passed on my book! Damn! Aaaargh!