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Enter the Little Shit!

    Tower of Ashal the Magnificent, 3rd High Moon of Harvest….. I waited….and waited…and waited, because the old man would not get out of the damn room. “Take a shit on a pot ya old geezer”, I thought. Instead he arranged things, moved things, lifted things, dropped things, oh and dusted. And dusted… And […]

Adventurer!: The Cave of Ominous Rumblings

Tweet of the Day: /end Survival Mode ——- Thirty gold pieces for a lousy sword. Here I am, going into the Cave of Ominous Rumblings, by the way who ever named this cave has a knack for welcoming friends and neighbors, to kill the goblins and they still try swindle me. I am up to […]

Severus the Rogue: Mucking About

Tweet of the Day: Harry Potter in One Word ——- 1 – 3 ——- I scrambled to my feet. The fat dark  rats stood on their hind legs like spectators in a coliseum. The goblin bared its broken, yellow teeth and charged. I dodged to the right, but the spearhead nicked my side. I trapped […]